Night with the Stars

The most awaited culminating event of the fiesta celebration happened on October 14, 2016 at Municipal Covered Court. The “Night with the Stars” was hosted by the well-known duo, Genel and Nelmar, also known as “Sweet & Sour”.

The first part of the event consisted of performances from our local artists. The first performer was One of the Boys. Then, the winner from the first ever TalenTODA, Mr. Francis Obello, performed in front of the countless audience that filled the venue. After his spectacular performance, was the solo performances of this years’ winner from Duet Superstars. Aside from their solo performance, Ms. Sheila Nieves & Mr. Sherwin Pineda also sang a breathtaking duet performance that astonished the audience.

And of course, the event will not be complete without the invited stars. The first star that entertained the audience was Boobsie. As expected, the audience was filled with laughter from Boobsie’s amusing spiels. After the humorous performance, Ms. Ylona Garcia, from PBB 737, wowed the audience with her rendition of the famous Aegis song, Luha. This was followed by a performance of one of our local artists, Legazee, who danced their way to the audience’s hearts. Another special guest, TJ Monterde, serenaded the crowd with Justin Beiber’s Love Yourself. Lastly, the group of attractive young men, That’s My Bae, did not fail to take away the audience’s heart. Truly this year’s Night with the Stars captured the attention of the Pilarians as seen with their positive feedback of filling the entire venue. 

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